Aglc And Latex

Over the last nine years I have written many legal essays, and being the software engineer I am, I wanted to use LaTeX to make them beautiful and I wanted to have all the citations done automatically.

The Australian Guide to Legal Citation 2 or AGLC2 is pretty demanding: consecutive citations need to use “Ibid 36”, subsequent book/article citations need to use eg “Hardy, above n 6”, cases, legislation, treaties, journal articles etc all have prescribed formatting, bibliography is sectioned. All of this is pretty hard to automate, but I needed to code something for my sanity while writing these law essays.

Originally I used BibTeX, then my own set of macros to get the logic right, but now everything has been made easy with biblatex. Insanely easy. I have to say, I find the API and architecture of biblatex fantastic, it is incredibly flexible and powerful and I found it very easy to set up AGLC2 styles.

So please enjoy! I have uploaded the biblatex style files, latex class files and an example document with bibliography for anyone interested in stunningly beautiful documents using AGLC2. You can see some more examples of the output in my legal essays, although some of these were written before or during the development of my biblatex versions, so they enjoy varying levels of automation :-)

I am currently writing a 10,000 word essay that will use these exact styles exclusively, but this time I am using Lyx to manage it. Lyx is a stunning piece of well designed software, that makes editing long documents a whole lot of fun. I cannot recommend it enough for academics. Anyone who would like to try writing an essay with LyX/AGLC2, send me an email and I’ll gladly help you through the transition period:

Here are the files: