Web Applications

I have developed many, many websites to date. Here are a few recent projects of interest and a sample of source code (Python/Django) for two modules from my personal library.

Kogan logo

Kogan Technologies

An ongoing project is the website for Kogan Technologies, through Adventure Media. This has included online shopping functionality, SEO tools, payment systems and general administration tools. The code has been flexible enough to use directly in other projects, such as Milan Direct and Milan Direct UK

Snowsports Online logo

Snowsports Online

This project was a test project for a third party shopping cart tool Satchmo. In the end we decided against using Satchmo in future projects, see this summary for the reasons why it didn’t appeal to us.

Screenshot of the Fiori website

Fiori update (upcoming)

In response to the unmet needs in Satchmo’s shopping cart, I developed my own shopping cart system as a separate app in django. This is open source and can be downloaded here. The new app was a resounding success, particularly in terms of clean maintainable code and surprisingly high performance. This software is currently been redeployed in a number of other sites, and I will look to making it more usable for the wider public in the coming months. Fiori’s new website is complete in the technical sense and will be released soon.

Screenshot of ASRC website

ASRC update (upcoming)

An modernisation of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre has been recently completed, including online shopping, online donation tools, and simplified administration using a completely customised CMS for their needs. Note that the graphic design and content was not done by Adventure Media, but the software driving the site is my own. Site will be made public soon.

Screenshot of the graphic design of the La Tronque website.

Domaine de la Tronque

Another project is an update of the domaine de la Tronque website, a French organic wine label. The project is nearing completion, and is a good example of an extremely low budget, high quality project. The main aim of the project was to provide a simple design with an admin interface, so that the winemaker could update the site himself easily.

  • The site was created using Django and Python, and some of my own pre-written libraries (for example a content management framework and simple wiki engine). A screenshot of links on a webpage to select a language
  • The site sports multiple languages, calling on the user’s browser or explicit preference and tracking this using cookies or the relevant URL. The translations can be updated and edited easily through the CMS.
  • A screen shot of the online order form on the La Tronque website. Orders can be submitted and are emailed to the business, so that they do not need to log into the site. After the user has submitted their desired order using a simple stylised form, the confirmation screen presents a virtual letter to the wine maker, to help keep the process as personal and friendly as possible.

Taz.de critique

The first is an analysis of the newly updated taz.de (die Tageszeitung) website (a German newspaper). I detail some of the more critical problems with the website, including accessibility, and provide a demo version featuring the suggested improvements. Screenshot of the graphical design of the taz.de demo

As yet, none of the suggestions have been implemented by taz.de.

Code samples

The following two code samples are taken from my library. They include a basic content management system and a resume access controller, both of which are used in this website.

Content management system:
Resume access controller: